8 February 2020

Confessions on the way to Glasgow: I will be speaker in Geneva

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On March 21st, I will take my backpack again and leave for Switzerland for another WordCamp: I will be a speaker in Geneva!

Now I am in Dublin, it is my stopover to go to the WordCamp Glasgow and I will spend the night here. I took a Guinness listening to The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats Irish Way and I write these lines. In a little while I will continue with the slides for WordCamp Genève!

WordCamp Genève

I am very happy that my first English speaking talk is in Switzerland, my first WordCamp I attended in English was in Switzerland, in Zurich. As I have already said (here you find the article) it was very important for me, on the way back from that event I wrote my application for Milan (here you find the link) and I got tickets for Verona and Dublin.

These WordCamps brought me a lot of new stimuli and energies and allowed me to contextualize myself better in the world of work.

So I will be happy to bring this talk, which is abundantly far from my comfort zone.

My talk

This time I get out of my usual theme, I will not speak of PHP and I will not speak of programming, but I will speak of English, shyness and obviously Open source … Read carefully … I said “obviously”! Because in my talks the Open Source is always there;)

The title of my talk is: “I was a shy guy and I didn’t speak English, but then I discovered WordCamps!”.

The idea of this talk came to me following the WordCamp Dublin talks, the original title had to include only the fact that thanks to the participation of these events my English was constantly improving, I wanted to talk about how the WordPress community can help you grow with the utmost genuineness and spontaneity. Then, on WordPress TV they published Valentina Azzi’s talk: “How I defeated shyness thanks to the WordPress Community“. Valentina made me understand that shyness could come out of the brain of us introverts and I wanted to insert it in my talk, leaving my testimony.

Three first times

I have already anticipated a little something, in this talk I have 3 first times for me:

  • First talk in English;
  • First non-technical talk;
  • First talk outside Italy.

The excitement will be enormous! but maybe it’s better to think of something else …

But Glasgow?

Tomorrow I will be in Scotland for the first time and will participate as a volunteer in WordCamp Glasgow, the first WordCamp 2020 in the UK and the second in Europe.

I will tell you everything on my return, but in the meantime I anticipate that in the morning I will be Time keeper and in the evening Speaker set up! See you soon!

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