22 January 2020

Rosadigitale week 2020: let’s go!

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March is approaching and like every year it is time for “Rosadigitale week  2020“, the event dedicated to equal gender opportunities in the digital job. Also this year I will be a point of reference for Italy and as in the previous 2 editions, my blog will have a dedicated area.

La settimana del Rosadigitale 2020

The week of Rosadigitale finds itself in the fifth edition, the previous ones have been richer than the other, also managing to overcome the borders of Italy.

For the uninitiated The Rosadigitale week is an event organized by Rosadigitale, a non-profit movement born in 2015 that aims to promote equal gender opportunities in the digital world.

Previous editions:

In recent editions I have dedicated a space in this blog:

Rosadigitale week 2020

The new map is ready, we already have many referents and media partners, even this year we suspect a year in which we will surpass ourselves. What do you think to be part of this beautiful initiative too?

Creating an event, or petal, is something that can be very simple. It just depends on your imagination. You can organize a live event such as a seminar, a meetup, a workshop, an informal aperitif or whatever. Or you can take your PC or smartphone and use your social channels, your blog to create something.

The important thing is that we talk about equal opportunities, every petal that will appear on the map is precious, at the end of the event we will look at it and every single petal will shout “Even here we fight for equality!”.

Everyone’s help is important and if you want to support, you have three possibilities:

Rosadigitale week in my Blog

In my blog, I will try to release an article every day of the week and you will find a little bit of everything!

I will offer you memories of previous years, I will introduce you to new friends and friends, I will tell you about some of my travels, we will see some deepening of previous articles, we will play a bit with the code and there will be other “Web from the world”.

I will gradually load all the titles on the page dedicated to Rosadigitale week 2020, see you in March!

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