3 February 2020

PrestaShop Ambassador Milan and first Meetup

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After so many blog posts on WordPress, now it's up to another Open Source CMS I've worked with for many years: PrestaShop. In November I became PrestaShop Ambassador Milan, and on February 27 there will be the first Meetpup, entitled: Software Libero, mercato libero: lavorare con PrestaShop (Free Software, free market: working with PrestaShop).

PrestaShop Ambassador Milano

PrestaShop: another Open Source CMS

PrestaShop, like WordPress is an Open Source CMS developed a PHP with OSL 3.0 license. PrestaShop is used as a CMS for many eCommerce sites around the world.

What makes this CMS unique is the fact that once installed you have suffered many advanced features already present, including:

  • Products and orders management;
  • Ability to create cart or discount rules;
  • Advanced customer management features;
  • Ease in creating rules to comfortably manage couriers;
  • Sales statistics dashboard;
  • Multilingual and possibility of having many currencies.

Like any free software project, we can find many libraries and frameworks that have free licenses. Here is what we can find in PrestaShop:

  • doctrine;
  • minify;
  • phpoffice;
  • smarty;
  • symfony;
  • tcpdf;
  • twig.

PrestaShop Ambassador Milano

So from November I joined the PrestaShop ambassador team. Being an Ambassador for a CMS that I've been using since I started work is a great satisfaction. In fact, in 2012, when I started working as a Web Developer, in addition to WordPress I started developing on version 1.5 of PrestaShop and was pleasantly impressed.

I also consider a continuation of my Open Source Evangelist “mission” (here I tell you what I did as an activist) and I hope to do a lot for both PrestaShop and Free Software.

For this mission I will start from the Meetups.

The first Meetup

The first Meetup will be held in Milan on February 27 and will see Mikamai / LinkMe as hosts. As the title for my first Meetup I chose: Free Software, free market: working with PrestaShop.

We will start from the birth of Free Software up to the Open Source CMS and how they have respected one of the fundamental pillars of this ethics: “opening the software also opens the labor market”.

Remember to join the Meetup ;)

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