WordCamp Milano 2019, I will be a volunteer and a speaker

I will be a Speaker and a volunteer, on November 23rd at WordCamp Milano 2019. This event is dedicated to the Open Source  CMS WordPress and is organized by the Milan community.

WordCamp Milano 2019

I have already talked to you about WordCamp Torino and also about the Zurich edition. Soon I will also tell you about how it went in Verona and Dublin, but first I want to talk to you about the Milan edition in which you will see me both as a Volunteer and as a Speaker with the talk: “Drupal becomes a CMF, and WordPress does that?” .


WordCamps are events dedicated to the Open Source WordPress CMS and are organized by local communities.
They are usually divided into two days. The first day is called Contribution Day, where you work on the WordPress project. The second day consists of talks and at night the WordCamp closes with an after party.

The WordCamps are highly stimulating and inclusive events, Speaker, volunteers and also the participants must accept a clear code of conduct equal for each edition of the WordCamp.

WordCamp Milano 2019

The WordCamp of Milan will be held on November 22nd and 23rd at the Talent Garden and the Bicocca University.

As per format, it will be divided into two days, the first day at Talent Garden in which there will be the Contribution day.

The second in Bicocca there will be two rooms with Talks and a room with 4 Workshops. Obviously at the end of this day there will be an after party.
And it is in this day that I will speak.

What will I talk about?

My talk “Drupal has become a CMF, and WordPress that does?”, is part of the lightning talk, short speeches from 15 minutes at the end of the morning.
During my talk I will talk about how WordPress can become a convenient and efficient tool for development, comparing it with Drupal, another Open Source CMS that from its version has included the Symfony Framework in its core.

Useful information

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