2 March 2020

Rosadigitale Week 2020: where we had stayed

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Today starts Rosadigitale Week and like last year I will use my blog to host some petals (events).

For this year I have prepared articles for the most appreciated sections of my blog. In the last year I happened to make some trips to attend WordCamps, so with a few interviews I will introduce you to some fantastic person I have known. We will continue with Web from the world with some curiosities that come from the other side of the planet.

But first a summary of previous years.

Where were we?

The first edition of the Rosadigitale week was in 2016, collecting 151 petals, all over Italy. In 2017, the number of petals increases more than double, reaching 397 events, but in subsequent years the figures increase a lot. In 2018 the petals became 1075 and for this edition my blog hosted 11 posts. The 2019 Rosadigitale obtained 1311 petals also coming out of the European territories and this blog hosted 7 blog posts dedicated to the event.

And now?

The 2020 edition has just started, and every day there are many new events of all kinds. 2020 began with a long pause for many bodies due to health precautions and unfortunately slowed down many people who were organizing their petals. For this reason we will have all of March and April to fill the world with petals.

I am sure that this year the numbers will be many and like the previous years this blog will also give you many articles.

Here I will update my articles daily.

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